We are a strategic provider of cryogenic testing in Europe.


BEBLUE provides high-end engineering services in cryogenic and hydrogen testing solutions.
We are also renowned for our expertise in the design, build and operation of custom-made complex test rigs.
From our base in Belgium, BEBLUE offers services focused on three core areas:

Components & System testingmaterial characterizationengineering services

Components & System TESTING

Testing customers components and complex systems under cryogenic and hydrogen dynamic conditions is our core business.

Cryotechnic Test

BEBLUE operates configurable tests rigs for the cryogenic tests of components and complex systems (a.o. bearings, dynamic seals, injectors, valves, Pumps, e-Pumps, Turbo Pumps) under demanding conditions (a.o. high-pressure cryogenic fluid with important flowrates and subjected to static or high-frequency loads from all directions). Our test rigs are heavily instrumented with sensors (pressure, vibration, temperature, speed..) installed in difficult-to-access positions (such as inside shafts, in direct contact with the tested component or at hard-to-reach angles) which deliver a wide range of data measures.


BEBLUE offers test capabilities to support customer developments from material characterization to testing in a hydrogen environment. Tests can be performed under a wide range of operating conditions (a.o. hydrogen supply mass flow rates and pressures, fuel cells power outputs, air supply mass flow rate, pressure, temperature and hygrometry). BEBLUE executes the characterization testing of components (valves, pumps, reservoirs..) as well as PEM & SOFC fuel cells and fuel cell systems.

Material characterisation

BEBLUE can assist you in characterising materials through various testing techniques within dynamic cryogenic environment. These are common methods of characterizing materials but are not readily available in such conditions. Reach out to our team to understand more and to discuss your exact requirements.


Pin on disk

This provides a method to quantify friction and wear of materials. The pin-on-disk tribometer can be used in several cryogenic environments, including both liquid and gaseous nitrogen and oxygen. BEBLUE can test both alternate and coninuous disk movements.


This provides a standard test method for compatibility of materials within a liquid oxygen environment as per standard D2512-95.

auto ignition

Known as calorimetric bomb tests, it evaluates the temperature of ignition of a material. In the French standard NF EN 1797-1 the material is heated up to 550°C in 5°C/min increments at a pressure of 120 bar.

adiabatic compression

BEBLUE owns a unique 1000 bars capabilities to characterize material and components. This provides a method to qualify materials in highly constrained conditions.

Tensile TEST

Our brand new platform is dedicated for material characterization in cryogenic or gaseous hydrogen conditions under a wide range of pressures and temperatures (from 20K to ambient). It enables testing, validation and certification of new innovative materials in its various forms. Specifically,our test rigs will allow quantifying the tensile and fatigue properties of materials exposed to hydrogen.


BEBLUE works directly with companies providing expertise to develop your own cryogenic testing capabilities. Our expertise can support with project management, test management, test rig design and integration, and reporting. These services are already proving to be a critical need to support the rapidly growing use of hydrogen.

Engineering support
Certifications & Qualifications
Test rig design

What elements can we USE?


(Liquid Coming Soon)


Gaseous & Liquid


Gaseous & Liquid



Hydrogen Peroxide



(Coming Soon)

market sectors

BEBLUE targets core markets with its testing capabilities.


Space is an obvious area where our cryogenic expertise is most relevant. Our test centre is already recognised by the European Space Agency. BEBLUE is focused on supporting the new space, private and commercial markets.


Hydrogen offers a unique opportunity for a host of e-mobility applications, notably aviation. Transitioning to utilising hydrogen will not be an easy process - BEBLUE is here to help, support and advise.


BEBLUE is supporting the maritime energy transition and decarbonization efforts. We offer engineering and testing capabilities for the development and certification of your cryogenic applications.


Academic research has always been at the forefront of cryogenic testing. Our facility is closely tied to the University of Liege for this very reason. BEBLUE can support with training and research with access to our purpose built facilities.

Where is our test centeR?

Located within Liege Sciences Park - Sart Tilman our shared facility features multiple testing capabilities, fluid storage tanks, and purpose built buildings and infrastructure that enable our full range of capabilities. The facility has the ability to run over 700 sensors and measurement lines.

Rue Grande Traverse, n°3
Bâtiment 17b,
B-4000 Liège

Reach out to us if you would like visit our test centre.

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